Finding the Human Story within an Image

Deena Aglialoro, Language Arts, South Mecklenburg HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


In this six-week unit, students will be completing a hands on, in-depth study of the Holocaust. Since images of the dead are constantly shown in order to ignite an emotional reaction, we will be looking at images that aid students in their journey of learning how this horrific human catastrophe transpired and what happened after liberation. Students will be able to see different portrays of bystanders, perpetrators, and the victims alike in order to draw conclusions of how hate can manifest and escalate throughout a society. Finally, students will be using a critical eye to connect these images with different stories and testimonies and synthesizing how they make up one large story of a group of people who were targeted for extinction but refused to hide their identity. By seeing these people as actual human beings that could have been sitting next to them in school, working next to them at their job, or growing up with them, students will learn the human story being the historical event.