Utilizing Visual Thinking Strategies and Academic Conversation with The Outsiders

Sarah Anne Korenyik, Language Arts, Northwest School of the Arts

Curriculum Unit  (pdf)


Students will utilize close reading strategies and visual thinking strategies to analyze various “texts” to conduct academic conversation.  Close reading strategies include chunking, annotation, and multiple reads will be used with the skill of visual thinking to analyze texts including traditional literature, infographics, poetry, websites, articles, and videos.  Students will then have academic conversation focused around “Say Something” to share with small groups and whole class. After reading the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinson, students will view a variety of teacher determined images about societal divides to use close reading skills in conjunction with visual thinking strategies in order to have academic conversation in small groups.  Students will then go on to create their own images of issues they feel strongly about in order to share with their classmates in a gallery walk. Honors students will conduct a mock trial of Ponyboy Curtis to determine his guilt or innocence based on information found in the text.