Say it with Words: Giving Your Voice an Identity

M. Amanda Soesbee, English, North Mecklenburg High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit is designed for a mixed grade, mixed level high school Creative Writing elective class.  However, it could be altered for a writing unit in middle or high school ELA/Literacy classes as well.  Throughout this unit, students will use a variety of writing exercises and readings to work towards identifying a writing voice of their own.  Modeled after the 2016 CTI Seminar “Writing with Power: No Fear Here” led by Dr. Brenda Flanagan, this unit will help students overcome their writing fears and learn to use writing as a tool for self-expression.  Too often in school, students are forced to write about topics they aren’t interested in or in formats that may be cumbersome and repetitive.  Through the readings and writing activities in this unit, students will be allowed more freedom and creativity, which is sometimes missing from other courses with strict standards or testing limitations.  Their culminating project at the end of the unit will be a collection of original works selected by the student (with peer and teacher guidance/input) that portray the students’ best representation of his/her writing voices.