A Journey Through Nanotechnology Using Graphic Design

Antowanna Carpenter, Career/Tech Ed, Butler High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


In this curriculum unit, students will learn about nanotechnology and demonstrate what they have learned through graphic design. They will learn about the transformation of small material into everyday nanotechnology products. In addition to learning about nanotechnology this curriculum is also designed for students to master advanced skills in the areas of adobe software, desktop publishing, and graphic image design. Through teacher guide and research, students will learn how nanotechnology plays a major part in our everyday lives. Initially, students will be given a lesson about nanotechnology which will lead students into researching a product of nanotechnology that they have an interest in learning more about. Students will work collectively to research and discuss products of interest as well as creative ideas on how to document and demonstrate their research. The curriculum is designed to teach students how to create information graphics (info graphics) and a digital magazine cover based upon their nanotechnology product research within the classroom.