Literacy and Literacies in the 21st Century World Language Classroom

Kathy Melendez, French, E.E. Waddell Language Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf) 


This unit is designed for 8th graders who are novice learners studying French level 2; however, it can be adapted in any world language class in any language and at any proficiency level as well as any ESL class. In this unit, students will use a variety of literacies to explore the effects of our plastic consumption and provide solutions to this issue of global significance. They will explore how other countries are helping reduce their consumption of plastic. The students will also communicate what they have learned in order to teach others and take action in improving the conditions in their community. This unit intends to increase students’ awareness of their role in our planet’s health and hopefully become better stewards of their place in our world. Students will compare current issues in foreign cultures with local issues and will realize that we are not so different after all. It this unit, we will explore various modes of literacy such as infographics, environmental prints, videos, and non-fiction texts from French speaking countries.