Food for Thought

Molly Malone, Language Arts, Piedmont IB Middle School

 Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Growing up around a primarily Irish family hooked me into some of my favorite comfort foods and recipes that I now make as an adult. Of course, the stereotypical potatoes were a staple at every dinner in my household, and were the root to many humorous stories that we rehash during the holiday seasons when my family is altogether. Food is an important connection to our culture and the stories that we pass down to our children and families. It is essential that our children learn about where their ancestors come from and the history of the all-important foods that are unique to their culture(s). In this unit, students will be exposed to the structure of a research essay, along with easy steps to guide them through the writing process. From there, they will have the opportunity to investigate their own culture’s food history, etiquette and recipes. Finally, they will organize their findings in a clear and coherent research essay to share during the Culture Meal project. This unit incorporates both mathematical strategies with the power of written word to create a delicious and creative interdisciplinary unit.