Memoir Behind the Bookcase – The Wonder of Anne Frank

Jennifer Dalesandro, Language Arts, Grades 3-6, Bain Elementary School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit will serve as a creative platform to assist students in building their literacy skills related to theme, symbolism, author’s purpose, and inference. In this unit, students will explore the concept of memoir writing as it applies to a variety of literary works with the focus being on the popular writings of: Wonder, Auggie & Me, and the Picture Book of Anne Frank. This unit will encourage students to use abstract thinking in order to explore the way in which prior learning and cultural influences affect their personal view and definition of what memoir writing is. Further attention will be given to the way that students read and interpret the themes of memoir writing and picture books as well as their ability to write in a memoir style. This unit includes several activities to assist students in developing a skill-set required to read, as well as, articulate themselves through memoir writing.