The Brain, Exercise, and Teaching Students of Poverty

Cassandra Black, PreK-8, Ashley Park

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This curriculum unit will consist of five literacy and five math lessons that teach common core objectives that incorporate movement and physical activity.  The intent of this curriculum unit is to bring physical activities that help grow the brain and cognition in to the classroom.  These movement and physical activities are designed to improve the academic performance for students in literacy and math, as well as work towards growing the brain of student of poverty.  First grade students love to move and they learn best through movement and tactile engagement activities.  Movement and physical activities in literacy and math can help students, especially students of poverty, retain information and develop more complex intellectual concepts.  In order to increase student understanding and confidence in thinking, this curriculum unit will explore the current researched- based movement activities or exercises that increase active classroom engagement and brain connectivity.  This curriculum unit will have two goals.  The first goal is to engage students in movement and physically activity that stimulate brain memory and the second goal is to teach and reinforce first grade literacy and math common core objectives.  Movement based learning activities can spark and maintain student interest in key subjects such as literacy and math.