Ladies and Gentlemen- Announcing the Great Tumbling Geometrics Geometry and Gymnastics

Cynthia Hicks, Kindergarten, Steele Creek Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

Can you imagine a world without shape? How would we ever build buildings, or design cars, or create any artistic form? Where would we be without the expressive form of movement? Shapes are all around us. We go through each day using shape and geometry without even thinking about it. The world has an affinity for movement and sports. Whether the sport is competitive, recreational, or just for fun; human beings love to move. Thus we incorporate math and sports.
Young children are fascinated by shapes and they love to use various forms, sizes, and orientations of shapes as they learn in all of the content areas. This unit will invite kindergarten students to explore the world of geometry and gymnastics. Gymnastics provides the perfect venue to connect geometry and gymnastics. During this unit students will learn what constitutes a shape and that everything takes on a given shape. We will discover how to make shapes, as well as learn the names and attributes of the2-D and 3-D shapes. We will then transfer what we know about shape and apply it to learning about gymnastics and the shapes our bodies can make. We will conclude our unit with a class gymnastics performance for the other Kindergarten classes.Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)