Living within our Budget… Economy in Life

Michelle Y. Young, Math teacher, Coulwood Middle School

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The goal for this unit is to provide students with an understanding of how the real numbers are used in the real world. The most prominent question asked in math class by students is “when will I ever use this information?” This unit is intended to answer this question by providing an interesting and different way of teaching lessons of place value, percents, and interest, and then implementing the lessons into “fun” day to day activities.

I believe through the use of the activities in the unit, students will have a better appreciation for the importance of math by learning how it is used in everyday activities as an adult. They will also learn that there are many careers, such as chef, financial analyst, banker, or real estate agent, in the world today that require the knowledge of mathematics.

This unit provides an interesting, new, and fun way to teach place value, percents, and interest. The activities that are supplemental to the lessons learned will allow for discussion into banking, character education, and even contribute to some parental involvement. In addition the unit is designed to ensure that students have a basic understanding of financial literacy to be economically sound.