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2018 Curriculum Units Vol 2: It's About Time

Time Well Spent: Analyzing Personal Relationships with Time

Laura J. Staples,  English, Hawthorne Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


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2017 Curriculum Units Vol 6: Cultivating Visual Literacy

Bringing Visual Literacy to Writing

Erin Murray, TD/Catalyst Hornets Nest & Statesville RD ES

Curriculum Units (pdf)

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2016 Curriculum Units Vol 8: Exploring Memoir - From Picture Book to Digital Story

Memoir Behind the Bookcase – The Wonder of Anne Frank

Jennifer Dalesandro, Language Arts, Grades 3-6, Bain Elementary School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)

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2015 Vol 8: Supernatural Figures in Theatre, Film and the Brain

Demystifying Hogwarts: Good, Evil, and the Influence of Supernatural Figures in the Harry Potter Book Series

Jennifer Dalesandro, Third Grade, Bain Elementary School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)

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