I Prefer Living in Color – Opening Windows to the Beauty of Varied Identities

Lecia Shockley, 1st Grade, Selwyn Elementary

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit will allow students to explore multi-cultural perspectives through the in-depth examination of high quality picture books that responsibly illuminate diversity and the traits required for success as 21st century learners and citizens.   The instructional unit is organized into nine different months, or sections, of focus, with each month highlighting a different “Citizen and Scholar” trait. Students will strengthen their awareness of information about and experiences of others in their community and around the world through reading and responding to diverse texts using academic conversations, written expression, and artistic representation. The study of each trait will include the use of multiple texts and students will follow a similar pattern in their deep dive each month.   After carrying out the instruction and activities for all nine traits, the culminating student project will involve the creation of story quilts. Students will be provided with opportunities to exhibit to and communicate with outside audiences so that their learning is shared and has an impact on the wider community.