The Language of Math Opens Windows

Mindy Passe, Fifth Grade, Barringer Academic Center

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This unit focuses on developing problem solving skills, expanding students’ mathematical vocabulary, studying current and past mathematicians and engaging high ability math students in mathematical explorations and challenges.  Students will expand their understanding of mathematics by looking at math through different lenses which include creating their own mathematical dictionary, researching and ‘becoming’ a past or current mathematician, learning how to work in different number base systems and participating in a Math Fair.  This interdisciplinary, inquiry-based unit includes a variety of mathematical experiences that incorporate multiple intelligences such critical and creative writing, visual spatial arts, research and dramatic interpretation. The foundation of the unit is built upon looking at mathematics as a language and comparing it to English, foreign languages and other symbolic representations.  In developing students’ sense of the language of math, the depth and complexity of their mathematical understanding will grow  Multiple entry points will allow students to identify areas of focus.  Differentiation will occur based on the students’ mathematical skills, understanding and interest. The Math Fair and Wax Museum of Historical and Present Day Mathematicians will culminate and celebrate the students’ mathematical learning and discoveries.