LegoLand Construction: Building a Strong Foundation of Multiplication and Measurement

Miesha Gadsden, Third Grade, J.H. Gunn Elementary

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


Math is all around us and we can certainly integrate it with science and social studies. I would like this unit to explore the hidden mysteries of math and give students a foundation they need for problem solving in a fun and creative way. What are the hidden mysteries? Finding math around us in non-traditional ways. What are fun and creative ways? Teaching deeper through the use of manipulatives, food, games, technology and more! Our 21st learners need knowledge beyond what our textbook can sometimes offer to us.  They need to know how they can apply the information they learned in real life situations. Finding the correct answer to 4 X 6 is great, but understanding the PROCESS is even better. We will first approach this unit with a challenge: The engineers at Lego Land would like to host a ceremony to unveil the new layout for their LegoLand City project. They need your help to design a city that will accommodate a large crowd and give the tourists a variety of attractions and activities. This unit will use measurement, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for math focus topics. To integrate with writing and social studies, this unit will explore the components of cities and communities and how they change. I want students to come away from this unit with the understanding that math is all around them and that they can always use their MIND to conquer any fears they may have of MATH.