Circumventing Place Value Issues with Gifted Children

Muriel Shuman, Fourth Grade, Barringer Academic Center

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


The aim of this unit is to facilitate the development of the number sense of place value with fourth grade students, but may also be used with third and fifth grade students.  This is accomplished by examining the progression of strategies for teaching place value.  The unit focuses on mathematics, but also considers components of writing and character development (through the area of perseverance).  Students will explore the workings of the base two and base five number systems before transitioning to base ten.  The non-base ten number systems will aid students in understanding the mechanics of place value without having to initially understand the arithmetic.  This unit provides teachers with numerous activities to teach these mathematical concepts – strategies employed will include Exploding and Fusing Dots, base ten blocks, expanded form and area models. Wide ranging blooms levels are used, including the higher level of application and creating