Fun with Words in Math: A SIOP Mathematical Unit That Involves Writing in Math.

Stephen Salisbury, Kindergarten, Crown Point Elementary School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


With this unit I hope to provide students the ability to see real world examples of math that they are learning now and can later apply to everyday life.  With many students coming from different parts of the globe, speaking many different languages, it is hard for them to not only learn what their peers are learning, but also learn a foreign language.  There are many stresses that go into learning a new language, such as not being confident enough to ask questions, talking to peers, or becoming introverted.  In this unit, using the SIOP model of teaching, sheltered instruction observational protocol, students will create a dictionary to help students have a reference on math vocabulary that we have used and practiced since their kindergarten year.  They will research a specific word and become an expert on that word, where they will then share what they have learned in front of the class.