The Changing of the Everyday Hero

Jennifer Marie Ladanyi, Language Arts, Bailey Middle School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This unit examines the use of heroes throughout literature with the use of novels, nonfiction and fiction pieces. We start off by defining the word hero and looking at the characteristics of a hero. We complete a WebQuest using the heroes of mythology. The WebQuest will help the students to examine what types of heroes were written about many years ago. As the students are working through the unit, they will be reading Forged by Fire by Sharon Draper. Students will examine a new type of hero in young adult literature. Students will read about a young man named Gerald and his coming to age story. Gerald is the hero of selected novel, Forged by Fire. Even though this is a young adult novel, Gerald goes through the hero’s journey which is presented by Joseph Campbell in video shown in the unit. Gerald goes through many hardships but comes out a hero in the end. Students will also look at current events that relate to the novel and the poem, “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” The unit is wrapped up by having the students complete a comic strip based on the code of ethics of the hero. Students will incorporate characteristics of a hero into their code of ethics for the hero of their comic strip.