Teaching Tolerance and Social Justice by Examining the Ideological Implications of World War II and the Holocaust

Heather Almaraz, Fifth Grade, Lebanon Road Elementary School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This unit is designed for fifth grade students as a way to integrate reading skills and social studies content. After completing the unit the students will be able to discuss the causes and effects of World War II and the Holocaust in depth using academic vocabulary.  They will be able to take the knowledge they have gained during this unit and apply it to modern times of war and peace.  They will be able to explore what constitutes war from different perspectives, while being able to express empathy for victims and those who are victimized.  In relation to World War II and the Holocaust, the students will recognize their own responsibility to stand up against prejudice and injustice in the world.  Finally, I hope that they will be able to make social decisions in today’s world, and fight for nonviolent ways to end war.