North Carolina: A Brief History and Economy

Melanie Greely, Grades 4-6, Chantilly Montessori

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This curriculum unit is an integrated unit designed to tie North Carolina History with a study of economics and peace. Students will delve in-depth into these three subjects through an integrated approach that relies heavily on discussion, debate, language lessons, guided and share reading lessons, and performance projects. Students will also integrate previous studies of science, writing, and math. Students will participate in two directed lessons each week, in addition to numerous integrated activities throughout the work cycle. This unit is best taught in a mixed-grade level classroom, or a self-contained classroom where all subjects are taught. Many of the Montessori lessons may be adapted to fit a more conventional instructional model. The main aims of this unit are for students to gain an understanding of: How and why North Carolina was settled, how an economy functions, the role of economy in settling North Carolina, and the psychological factors associated with this history that play into war and peace. This unit was created as a result of work done in the seminar Peace Education: How we come to Love and Hate War as part of the Charlotte Teachers Institute.