Down the Rabbit Hole…Implementing Comprehension Strategies, Character Traits and Reader’s Theatre from Alice in Wonderland

Nikki Guevara, First Grade, Bain Elementary School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This unit will use the classic novel, Alice in Wonderland, to teach students about comprehension and fluency with a focus on inner and outer theatre for students in the classroom. We will focus on comprehension strategies, character traits and the implementation of reader’s theatre in the classroom. We will begin with an introduction and review of Alice in Wonderland. Then, students will learn about adjectives and describing words as they prepare to compare and contrast characters in the story. Students will also learn various acting exercises in order to familiarize themselves with theatre in the classroom as they prepare and practice scripts from Alice in Wonderland in the form of staged readings in small groups as well as reader’s theatre. As a final activity for students, they will have the opportunity to perform a scene from Alice in Wonderland to an audience in order to express their inner and outer theatre elements. This unit is an interdisciplinary collection of activities centered around literacy, character traits and reader’s theatre.  It can easily be adapted for older grades.