Explorons le Petit Prince d’Antoine de Saint Exupery

Mawuena Dabla, French, Harding University High School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


“Explorons le Petit Prince d’Antoine de Saint Exupery” is a three weeks curriculum unit that I am planning to teach to My French Level 4 and 5 classes. Le Petit Prince is a novel which is required in the IB French curriculum. I decided to write a Unit with CTI, which will focus on IB French and which will serve as a reference to other IB teachers worldwide.  Writing this curriculum will allow me to show what I have learned though my seminar, “Supernatural Figures in Theatre, Film and the Brain,” led by Mark Pizzato, a Theatre professor at UNC Charlotte.   Students will explore Le Petit Prince through vocabulary studies, reading, comprehension questions, vocabulary, games, discussions video etc. To gain new perspectives, the biggest project of the unit will be a play. We will transform our classroom into a movie theater, where some students will play the audience, the characters etc. We will also learn about theater rules and etiquette. Having the students read Le Petit Prince will allow me to see if they are at the level they should be before I start introducing more challenging readings. Students will be able to perform different parts of the novel by acting the characters from it in class. Grammar will also be reviewed as a further tool of communication to help students with the language structures.