Ancient Forms of Communication in the Spanish Immersion Classroom: The Use of Pictograms and Rebuses to Promote the Development of Spanish Language Literacy

Adriana Hart, Kindergarten, Collinswood Language Academy

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


In this unit, students in kindergarten will learn about the relationship between oral language and written language by recounting, reading and writing short poems or rhymes in the Spanish language. Pictograms, one of the earliest forms of writing, will be used in the poems in order to facilitate students’ comprehension and reading fluency. One of the main goals of this unit is to support students’ abilities to talk, listen, write and read; students will read short poems, identifying the pictograms that rhyme; after practicing identifying rhyming words (listening), they will compose and recite their own poems (speaking). Students will be encouraged to write their poems using pictograms to compose a rebus. Lastly, they will share their rebuses with their classmates who will decode them and translate them into speech.