An Early-literacy Talk-Write Pedagogy: How Dual-language Spanish Immersion Kindergarten Students Can Benefit from Talking First and Writing Later

Tabitha L. Miller, Kindergarten, Collinswood Language Academy

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


In this unit, students in a dual-language Spanish immersion Kindergarten class will be introduced to a new step in the writing process. Students will confer with the teacher individually to record their thinking on an iPad. Then, they will move to their writing area to complete the task, by listening to the ideas they have recorded and transcribing those ideas on paper. Students will still participate in the traditional Writer’s Workshop, and they will be introduced to this methodology as an entirely separate assignment. Students will publish their work through the online blog at They will choose one sentence or word that they wrote and type it, to be included with a picture of their entire work.