We, Frankenstein: How Culture and Technology Morph Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Michele Lemere, English, Garinger High School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


What comes to mind when you hear the name “Frankenstein?” For nearly 200
years, this literary icon has pervaded culture in uncountable ways, from written stories, to
film adaptations to consumer products. In this unit, students will investigate the
placement of the Frankenstein story from its 19th century inception to modern times and
anticipate its treatment in the future. How and why has the narrative changed? What do
people living in a certain time period and culture fear about and want from the idea of
Frankenstein? They will deeply analyze the source text, view and research modern
interpretations, and create a futuristic version of the story while continuously considering
and questioning the impact of science and technology on society and culture. The
assignments and activities blend a variety of learning modes, including informal and
formal writing, peer collaboration, visual and aural text analyses, artistic endeavors, and
reading with and without the use of technology. The skills practiced in this unit will not
only prepare them for the college classroom; they will develop the critical and analytical
skills needed to understand life, love and loss in an increasingly technological society.