Children of Germany

Kelly Holden, Social Studies teacher, Coulwood Middle School

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This unit focuses on the parallel experiences of children in Germany during World War II. The correlation is discussed between Aryan children and Jewish children of Germany. Overarching themes are discussed within the unit in relation to humanity, manipulation, and children.

In Germany preceding and during World War II, children faced difficult and challenging experiences. The experiences of one child could be extraordinarily different from that of another. The determining factor was the religious background of the child. For children of the Aryan race, their experiences were one of honor. But for Jewish children, their experiences were ones of destruction.

Throughout discussion, on the Holocaust I hope my students will gain a deeper understanding and knowledge base. This understanding should include not just the factual components of World War II, but the emotional experiences of both Aryan and Jewish children. Currently in society, there still exists prejudice and discrimination. This can be based on many different characteristics such as religion, race, nationality, or even socioeconomics. I want students to evaluate the differences between differing children of Germany. I also would like them to see how easily children can be manipulated into believing and committing actions.