Perspective and Voice: the artist and the message

Elizabeth Lasure, Art teacher, Mallard Creek High School

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The overarching goal for this unit is the study of conflict from various perspectives. Each section of this unit will begin with a study of historical facts about a conflict in a specific region of the world or a period in history in history. Through a variety of sources – each with the unifying factor of a child soldier’s perspective – students will be able to experience accounts of child soldiers as hero’s, victims, and as perpetrators.

They will study works of art created around that particular conflict and consider the motivation behind how the art is used (to inform and misinform the viewer).

This unit will include an in-depth study and practice of the techniques artists use to arrange a compositional space. The studio taught portion of this unit will focus on the arrangement of elements in a compositional space that will that clearly communicate point of view and personal voice. Students will be interpreting the stories from this unit and creating works that reflect a personal style and awareness of the power of art to illuminate, inform, and influence opinion.