Discernment of the Hero, Victim, Warrior, Ignoramus and Survivor

Intisar K. Hamidullah, Special Education teacher, Morgan School

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My unit will focus on teaching my students the power of discernment. Teaching students with behavioral and emotional disabilities is overwhelming due to excuses presented by students. I empathize with the plight of my students especially since they have endured predicaments that are foreign to me.

Sexual assaults by relatives, disownment by biological parents, or mental disabilities are circumstances that children should not have to endure. Realizing that the innocence of children is being snatched I want to empower them by viewing, reading and listening to non-fiction stories of others children their age. I want them to analyze the choices others made by adjusting the comfort level slightly in an effort to entice their interest in the Civil War is Rwanda and Sierra Leone. In addition to the Wars previously mentioned we will also look at Gangs and how gangs have created tension on the streets, schools, public places and prison. Throughout this lesson students will reflect on their feelings, seek answers to their questions and embrace the power of discernment. Ultimately they will discern who the hero, victim, ignoramus, warrior, and survivor are not only in the literature but in real life.