Seasons of Change

Debbie Gresham, Dance, Bradley Middle School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This curriculum unit focuses on creating original dance movements inspired by a poem. The piece of poetry is used as a literary resource in ELA. The students will create original, abstracted movements and improvise to develop their dance movement to relate to the theme of the poem. In the unit, students will explore the elements of dance, learn, and implement specific dance vocabulary and use choreographic principles. structures and concepts. The students will explore improvisational skills to develop their phrases. Students will work cooperatively in groups and
make decisions as a cohesive team. The students will be immersed in the choreographic process and will make contributions to a dance piece that will be performed in the dance concert. In this unit, students will use dance elements to create their phrases. Students will consider how choreography can be used to communicate ideas, experiences, feelings, and images. This unit supports students’ understanding of the various perspectives through which dance can be appreciated in the context of time, space, energy, body, and relationships. This unit focuses on using a variety of thinking skills to analyze and evaluate dance. Specifically, this unit includes a lesson on how to analyze the relationship between dance elements when observing dance and how to interpret the meanings of dances created by their peers.