Waving Hello to Glow

Keira Freeman, Science, Carmel Middle

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This unit plan will address the sixth grade science topics of waves and light, as well as renewable energy. Students will learn about what makes a wave and about how energy transfers through waves. They will also dive deeper into their understanding of light waves and visible light, as well as the electromagnetic spectrum. They will use their knowledge of light absorption, reflection, and emission to understand how and why things fluoresce. Students and teachers live in a world where they are surrounded by light and fluorescence. From computer screens, to fireflies, to glowsticks, students have all interacted with fluorescence, even if they were unaware. During this unit, students will see the potential for renewable energy systems created from fluorescent materials. Students will finish their unit by creating their own solar cell from natural sources. They will come away from this unit more knowledgeable about light, luminescence and energy, and with more ideas for how to keep our world energy efficient.