The Angry Black Girl: Misinformed and Misled

Antiona Green, 3rd Grade, Oakhurst STEAM Academy

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This unit students will explore a variety of art modalities including poems, spoken word, and graphics written by African American females that address historical topics related to black beauty and it’s generational roots. Through their research students will be exposed to the complex social dynamics and use math concepts with art to combat the false images of representation. Students will be given the opportunity to share their stories and background through their interpretation of art as a way to foster self identity. This opportunity will encourage community and promote confidence and respect. Jacobs Charlotte E. argues that schools can potentially transform into spaces where Black girls are given the tools to recognize, critique, and push back narratives that oppress and dominate Black girls and women. This curriculum aims to inform all students of systemic discrimination, engage them through hands on learning, and challenge their critical thinking skills through the range of resources related to black girl magic.