Identity: “Connecting with the Women in my Family”

Elsy Reyes, Language Arts, Albemarle Road Middle

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


In this unit students will explore and learn more about their identity. Students conduct research about themselves starting with the meaning of their names and the origin of their last names. They develop a connection to themselves, their families, and heritage through short researcher and family talking. Through this research students can talk about their identity and make a connection to the women of their families. This unit will help them analyze the importance of women in the history of their families and how those women have been essential for their family development. This is a short journey to learn about family, women, and their impact in our lives, personality, and identity. The purpose behind this unit is that students feel their magic and how the magic of the women in their family have empowered their lives. Having this in mind students will create personal eBooks to show their identity, heritage and highlight the role and magic of women in their families.