Our Stories Matter-Why We Write

Jashonai Payne, 4th Grade, Clear Creek Elementary

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


Why do our stories matter? This unit looks to address this question within our classrooms. Looking out upon our students, we see great diversity, filled with a tapestry of cultures. These people have stories that make up the American melting pot. However, it is important for these students as well as their teachers, to see the value in the stories that exist in their students. This unit is a companion or extension to the EL Curriculum Poetry Unit for 4th Grade. This unit delves deeper into the reasons WHY people write the poems they write. They will explore the various reasons why people write, which I proposed in the unit. With this exploration, they will begin to analyze what makes them who they are: culture, language, food, religion, holidays, celebrations, family, etc. They will use this information to help them write their poems. I hope that by making it more personal, it will give them a greater purpose and investment into this unit and into their own personal stories as well.