Meditation, Station, Celebration

Jacquelyn Fizet, Kindergarten, Highland Renaissance Academy

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


For this unit students will learn that now more than ever, teaching mindfulness in the classroom is a necessity. Our children are stressed and anxious. Teachers and parents are stressed and anxious, too. Our lives are busy, and we often find our thoughts buzzing over the past or worrying about the future. We need mindfulness because it teaches us to live in the present moment, enjoying and experiencing what is in front of us. We as educators know that children learn best when they are comfortable, safe and relaxed. Image if giving our students the gift of lifelong learning and the tool to become kind and productive adults. We can teach then to use their breath and mind to lead a happy healthy life. As teachers, we will reap the benefits of mindfulness, as well as knowing that a happy teacher has a happy classroom. Our students will have better understanding of what it means to be mindful and how to achieve mindful bodies and minds.