“But I’m Not…” Combating Stereotypes in the ESL Classroom

Rebecca Lintz, English, East Mecklenburg High

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This curriculum unit addresses the way immigrant English Language Learners feel in an American classroom. It will allow my students to explore their own identities and any stereotypes that they believe go along with those identities. Throughout the curriculum unit, we will explore our identities, interact with different examples of stereotypes and how people react to them, our own implicit biases, and why some of these stereotypes are/are not true about our own identities. We will be doing this through a variety of readings as well as a set of videos on a YouTube channel. Our culminating activity will be to create our own “But I’m Not…” videos in which we explore stereotypes about our identities and then say why those stereotypes do not apply to us. We will be recording these videos on FlipGrid, but students have the option to share publicly if they would like.