Chemical Stoichiometry: from Memorization to Rationale

Josh Trujillo, Chemistry, W.A. Hough High

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Chemistry is considered the central science because it bridges concepts from other areas of science and mathematics. This makes it highly important that chemistry is accessible for all students due to the impact it can have in their education or professional lives. Unfortunately, chemistry is often seen as a very daunting class for many high school students. It’s unclear if the intimidation comes from how chemistry was taught historically, but chemistry is generally the first science students will take in high school that can be considered an intersection between math and science. My goal for this unit is to transform one of the most mathematics-heavy units, stoichiometry, into a more manageable topic for students to be successful by developing a conceptual understanding. A focus will be on students using explanatory writing to support their theoretical understanding of the topic.