Bridging the Mathematical Gap: Using Math to Teach Social Justice Problem Solving

Ashley Robinson, 5th Grade, Reedy Creek Elementary

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


 Bridging the Gap. As educators, we are always looking for ways to bridge the gap between our students.  This unit focuses on how to bridge the gap between white male mathematics test scores and black mathematics test scores.  The unit is a problem-based learning unit that takes place over the course of an entire year. The unit will be completed as part of math workshops and morning meetings throughout the school year. The students will explore one social justice problem each quarter, use North Carolina State Standards for Mathematics to research, and analyze the problems and solutions. The goal of the unit is to help students explore the statistics of privilege in America using a mathematical lens. They will mathematically explore concepts such as unequal wealth, immigration, incarceration rates and more.  They will then apply the information gained from their research and findings and use it to look for solutions to problems people of color face in our society.