Travel Through Time: Can We Do It, Will We Do It, Should We Do It?

Lisbel Allard, Science and Social Studies, Cochrane Collegiate Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit is intended and designed to be taught as an interdisciplinary unit in Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.  In this unit students will be tasked with making ethical and moral decisions as they go back in time to the conflicts of the Conquistadors and the Aztecs during the colonization of the 1500’s.  In order for students to travel back in time, first they will learn about the scientific theories of Galileo, Einstein, and Sir-Isaac Newton.  Student research will lead them into the design of a time traveling machine that will defy or confirm these scientific theories.  Students will investigate their personal beliefs and will be required to make informed and educated decisions when confronted with some ethical questions, like whether or not, given the power to make changes to the timeline, what will they choose?  This unit allows for students to examine both historical moments and scientific theories.  This unit also requires that students spend time researching, writing, and designing.  In this interdisciplinary unit, students will complete an individual culminating activity, in the form of an essay, a project, or a model.