Time Well Spent: Analyzing Personal Relationships with Time

Laura J. Staples,  English, Hawthorne Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit asks students to confront their own relationships with time while analyzing complex characters who struggle with their own productivity and fulfillment. Students will explore the concept of time by reading both fictional and informational texts; tracking, reflecting on, and discussing their own routines; engaging in a Socratic Seminar; and producing a final product that conveys their own ideas about time. Students will learn about time through structured text analysis activities and discussion. Students will learn to make inferences, ask questions, and visualize while reading, thus enabling them to examine complex characters and the ways in which they convey themes. Students will apply their learning in the creation of the final product which will allow them to conduct research on the aspect of time that interests them most, and to convey their own conception of time through a creative work.