Designing an Identity Space

Laura Steffy, Visual Art, North Mecklenburg HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit will explore identity through architecture and interior design. Students will learn perspective drawing to create an exterior and interior space and incorporate personal style in their creations. Through research of interior design styles students will identify their personal style and use creative thinking to design their own furniture. This project will help them identify more about themselves as well as relate to the interior and exterior spaces around them.

Throughout this unit, students will use their sketchbooks to create drawings of their ideas, write answers to prompted identity exploration questions and write reflections about their process in creating their space. The prompt questions will help them explore their identity further while their reflections will show their thought process in creating the designs. At the end of this process and exploration, students will create a design presentation board that displays an interior and exterior space, as well as furniture of their own design that shows relations to their past, present, and imagined future.