A Walk in My Shoes

Jaianna McCants, Visual Art, North Mecklenburg HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Numbers of research surveys and questionnaires have come to the conclusion that footwear is an extension of self-expression among most Americans. Whether you want to be “Like Mike” or Cinderella your shoes tell a story about who you are or who you want to be in life. This theory of shoes as a gateway to identity can also lead to perceptions that people create about you based off of them. Essentially I want to know and want my students to know “who are you in your shoes?” This lesson is ideally designed for a Visual Arts Class or Craft class with 35 students or less. Students will be taken on a journey of shoe history from its beginning roots to what we know as shoe culture today. We will discuss how self expression has become a part of shoewear and students will critically think to compose art as a segway to self-expression.