Democratization in the Arab World

Michael Richards, World History, Bailey MS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)

Democratization is something that has occurred in waves throughout mankind’s history. These waves have often occurred as a way of combatting authoritarian governments that were in power in most countries around the world. Democratization has not been in easy in most places. Countries and their citizens have had to fight for the right to choose their own government and government officials. These waves have brought about war and bloodshed, the violent overthrowing of rulers, and civil unrest. My unit, Democratization in the Arab World, will give students a better understanding of how people in the Middle East and North Africa have been fighting for the same types of rights and freedoms that we take for granted here in the United States. It is easy for students to believe that life in other areas of the globe is the same as the life they are accustomed to here. Therefore, it would be important and impactful for students to understand that there are still people in the world who are fighting for the basic rights that they get to enjoy as a citizen of this country. It would also give students a better appreciation for the revolutions that brought about an end to absolute monarchies during the eighteenth century. My overall goal for this unit would be for students to be able to make connections between past and current events, as well as helping them to build a better understanding of the natural reaction of people who live under authoritarian rule.