Comparing and Contrasting Democracies: The United States of America and the Hispanic Countries in Latin America

Mayra Garcia, Spanish, W.A. Hough HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)

This curriculum unit looks at the similarities between democracies across the American continents with a focus on the United States and Spanish speaking countries. At times students might not see the connections between the United States and other countries but students should be aware that there is more than language that binds the nations together. With this curriculum unit students will have the opportunity to learn about Spanish speaking countries in English with a focus on democratic governments. Students will have an opportunity to build connections based on the research that they have done and work on a few specific topics. A simple goal to have in mind is for a student in the United States to be able to come up with more similarities than differences when it comes to Spanish speaking countries in the Americas. The curriculum unit can be taught over the course and introduced in segments or it can be a 2-3 day project depending on how it is taught.