Who am I? –Identity

Alicia Olmeda, ESL , Coulwood STEM Academy

Curriculum Units (pdf)


In this unit, students will be introduced to the idea of identity. Students will compose a student definition of identity and read and annotate the stories of immigrants. Once the students have examined the journey of others, they will investigate and reflect on their own journey by first: interviewing their parents to understand their parent’s perspectives and second: creating a culminating project on Adobe Spark Video or Google slides that introduces their home country and builds the background knowledge of their journey toward an American self –identity or duality of both ethnicities, and lastly: identify an object that was brought from their home country that will be memorialized online with an explanation of why it is important to their American self-identity or duality of ethnicities that will be shared with students, teachers, parents and stakeholders during our international night at Coulwood STEM Academy.