Drug Interactions in the Liver and the Resulting Implications for Aquatic Organisms

Phil Carver, Science, James Martin MS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit includes research and information for the middle school and high school teacher regarding prescription drugs’ chemical processes in the human body, drug development, drug residue in our water supply, and wastewater treatment while treating drug residue. I teach an integrated 8th grade science class which covers almost all of the science disciplines. This teaching unit is a five-day unit, which can be dispersed throughout the year, or can be used for a testing review at the end of the year. There are 5 activities described in detail, along with teaching strategies and methods. All my activities include inquiry based learning. Vocabulary words are also included along with an annotated bibliography and instructions on how to integrate the teaching standards, with the rationale and research included. I teach a diverse population of students in a high-needs school and I believe this unit will help assist teachers and students to make connections with topics such as chemistry, water quality, and how drug compounds are broken down, added to, and rearranged by body systems, such as the hepatic system.