What I Do Not See on T.V: Creating New Norms for Minority Life that Defy Media Stereotypes

Torie Wheatley, English, North Mecklenburg HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Students will explore stereotypes that are viewed on television as it pertains to African American & Hispanic Males, perspectives of beauty for Minority adolescents, and LGBTQ community. For the final project, Students will have to create a television show and commercial that creates the new Norms of minority life. The below topics will be explored throughout this unit:

Minority Male Stereotypes: Defying Identities for Hispanic and Black Males Through Literature/Media: Students will take a deeper look into how these stereotypes can be defied by exploring or creating literary characters that exhibit non stereotypical behavior that positively reflect the culture.

Beauty Stereotypes: Media Influence on Beauty Ideals for Minority Adolescent: students will explore how Instagram models and media influence the perspective of beauty as it relates to how adolescent women view their idea of beauty.

LGBTQ Stereotypes: Normalizing Minority LGBTQ Lifestyle: students will analyze how the LGBTQ community is represented in media. Students will explore important LGBTQ terms and confront the stereotypes they have on the LGBTQ community. Students will explore how media portrays minority gay males and minority lesbians.