Let Me Tell You How It Really Is: Using Satire to Correct Media’s Misrepresentation of Minority Cultures and Oppression

Shanique Lee, English, North Mecklenburg HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit will focus on different ways in which writers effectively communicate serious, sensitive, and necessary information through various forms of satire. Students will analyze several media that strategically use satire to challenge the misrepresentation of marginalized, minority, and oppressed cultures. This first focus of the unit will be on the students’ discovering and exploring the complexities of their own identities and how they are represented in media. This will be done through structured research, and critical analysis of pop culture. Throughout this process, students will be able to deconstruct stereotypes within their own cultures, and those of other cultures. After students formally report how they have grown from their research, they will then be given the task to use humor and satire to correct media’s misrepresentation of 1-2 aspects of their identity, culture, or oppression. In order to prepare for this second focus, students will analyze how other authors have executed this task without compromising the significance and severity of the issues being addressed. This unit will teach students to be critical and responsible consumers of media, while also becoming confident in their own abilities to be activists on pervasive societal issues.