Stereotypical Scientists Unearthed: Will the Real Scientists Please Stand Up!

DeNise Gerst, Science, Barringer Academic Center

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Images surround us. Companies have catchy logos, individuals utilize symbols or fancy initials, and teams have mascots. All of these are ways in which an individual or group can be identified. Images can have a positive connection or a negative one. What happens when a group is assigned an image that is negative or does not correctly speak for each individual within it? How can those individuals disconnect from those negative images? This unit is for anyone who would like to help students build a positive image of who a scientist is or can be. Students will engage in various activities that will help encourage them to develop or broaden their image of who scientists are. Students will have the opportunity to compare society’s idea of a scientists with their own. This unit will encourage students to develop their own image to see themselves as scientists and not solely rely on society to do so for them.