Nano Who, Nano What? Nano Particles!

Ashley Renzo, Science, Northwest School of the Arts

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Nano technology is an emerging field of fast scientific research and growth.  From the latest advances in consumer electronics, to cutting edge research in renewable energy, the advancements in nano materials impacts our lives in many ways.  The following unit is designed to introduce middle school students to fundamental concepts of nano technology, materials, and ways in which emerging nano technology has shaped the fields of science.  Many technologies are utilizing the element of carbon, which is a perfect way to tie nanotechnology into lessons about the periodic table. This curriculum unit attempts to connect the diverse concepts of physical, and chemical properties of nanomaterials and their corresponding macromaterials.  The students will explore how graphene and carbon nanotubules work together, while they work together to come up with new ideas to propel the field of nanotechnology further into the 21st century. Students will also get hands-on experience with various everyday materials that express several different physical and chemical properties. They will also be introduced to nonfiction text pieces from educational resources, and the kid-friendly nano-magazine, Nanooze.