Destination Francophonie

Mawuena Dabla-Egui, French, Harding University High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Destination Francophonie is a nine to ten days curriculum that I will teach in my level 1 class. It is very important that we develop the skills of reading and writing within our students as they are progressing through the language learning. In this unit, students will learn how to describe where something is located; give information about where something is located; follow directions to a place; give directions to a place; tell and write about the ways to get around; and, ask where something is, etc. They will be able to express how they like to travel, what they like to wear, among other ideas. As an assessment, students will write postcards to their best friends about their trip to a French speaking country. On the postcard, they will describe the trip, how it was organized, when they left, when they arrived, what they shop for, and when they will come back, using all the literacy skills they learned through the unit. Students will also create a dialogue at the airport with a travel agent, they will have a passport in which they will record all the activities that they did from the beginning until the end. They will have a presentation on their country, showing all the information provided in the passport.