Understanding Perspective: Using Nonfiction Texts to Support Arguments through the Lens of the Encounter in the Americas

Ann Tapia, Language Arts, Piedmont Open IB Middle School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


At the end of this unit, students will be able to gain a deeper understanding of perspective through the lens of Hispanic culture. Students will be asked to analyze the way that different points of view may influence the way that they think. Students will study foundational skills of reading informational text by using nonfiction passages about the early days of Hispanic culture—they will read about Christopher Columbus and the Encounter in the Americas as well as other early explorers and their long-term impact on Hispanic cultures. Students will learn and put into practice the skills of close reading, annotation, text features, main idea, and the unit will culminate in a discussion, where students are expected to take a side on a claim and debate in the context of a Socratic seminar, where they will use the informational texts that we have covered in class as well as their own research to find supporting details for their argument.